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The Gate That was Made for Demons

Road Kamelot | 04/22/2011

Introducing my odd contracdiction of D. Gray-man and Darker Than Black
Once upon a time there was a girl who was the most popular girl in class, all the guys liked her, and she never got busted by her parents or her teachers….
If only my life was that simple! Unfortunately, that’s not my life, so… now lets hear the truth.


Hi. I’m Rima Toya. I’m the little Goth girl that nobody notices, end up being brutally beat up, has never had a real boyfriend even though I’m in the ninth grade. You ever see that girl that never shows up at the Burger Shack after school? Well that’s me, instead, I’m cursed with the tendency to often get detention. It’s not always my fault. Sometimes people just say it was me. Is it because there jealous of me….? HECK NO! Why would I even begin to think that?
My life could be worse, I guess. Who knows? I could be a ninja that’s constantly getting hunted down… well, I am a ninja, or at least that’s the rumor that’s going around the Tokyo air force base school. Maybe I am, maybe I ain’t. I’ll never reveal the truth.
Anyway, considering I’m the only Japanese kid in the whole school, of course I expected that I would get picked on. What were my parents thinking you asked? They aren’t thinking anything now. My parents were killed when the mysterious gate in Beijing was destroyed. We have one here too, but it hasn’t exploded yet. So I was abandoned. I was already picked on at my other school, so why the heck am I here in the first place? I’m not sure, and nobody else seems to be either.
Of course I love anime, I am Japanese. Yet, that’s mainly the whole reason I’m teased. People really start the worry when you go around school screaming to the top pf your lungs any one of the following:
-Innocence Invocation! Creatures of “Netherworld,” first illusion!
- Karacha toransuforumatshion! Kokoro Unloku! (Character Transformation! Heart Unlock!)
-Pichi Pichi Voice Live Starta (Start)
-Sailor Suit! Sailor Suit! Rice ball idiot in a Sailor Suit!
-You pitiful Heartless
-I am the one to open the door!
I think you get the point…
t doesn’t help either when people think you’re a witch. It’s not my fault that I don’t go to church or aimlessly wander the streets at night.
Well, enough about the old me. Now I want to present the true me… the Contractor of light and darkness.


RRRRIIIINNNGGG! RRRIIIINNNNGGGG! Finally! Today’s torture has ended… or at least that’s what I thought.
“Hey Rima,” this is great, now here I have Lidia Conor backing me up into a corner. “So I heard you’re a witch or maybe a ninja. SO is it true. You can understand that right? No? Maybe I’ll talk a bit slower. So…I…heard…”
SMACK! ‘Yeah I understood, and I can understand enough to see a true idiot when I see one.” I just said that didn’t I. That was smart…
“How dare you that! Ya know, I heard that your dear mommy and daddy died in a big explosion. Is that true?”
SMACK! BANG! That one was from Lidia. I felt up to my nose and then looked at my hand. Great, it’s bleeding.
“That’s what you get for being the only Jap at this school.”
“What did you just call me?”
“You heard me! That’s…what…you…get…for…being…the…only…Ja-“
There was a loud crash and Linda went sliding across the floor. I looked at her one last time. She was breathing but she wasn’t moving, and she wasn’t faking either. Just then a teacher came around the corner. Great. At that point, I just started running. I’m not sure how long it took me, but by now I was far beyond my district.
I had heard the legend of the gate of Tokyo before, but I wasn’t sure if it was true. Legend says that who ever makes a contract with the gate will be granted extraordinary powers, but like with any contract, there’s a price. Okay, then I’ll try it. I ran to the outer limits of Tokyo and finally found the gate.

I saw a bright light and then it all went black.


I woke up in the usual alley was where I would usually crash for the night and all of a sudden, about a hundred voices were in my head. I stared at a lady walking by.
Why is she starring at me? Huh? Why could I hear her? Her lips aren’t moving. Then I jumped up in the air.
“It worked! WHOOOOO HOOOO!” At this point people on the street were starring at me and I decided to keep quiet. I stared at a nearby object and it actually lifted. Then I noticed a black envelope in my hand.
Please, come to the house at street 186. The one with the red door, everything will be explained to you.
It didn’t have a date or time or anything, so I just decided to go ahead and go to the house. I had passed it before, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too hard to find… would it?
I went up to the house and rang the doorbell. A man in a black suit beckoned me inside. “Your name’s Rima Toya, right? We have been informed that you have recently made a contract with the gate of Tokyo. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of your power by now, aren’t you?”
“The gate has given you the power of telekinesis. You’ll be able to manipulate objects, read people’s minds, and get inside their heads and drive them mad. Of course there’s a price which I’m sure you’ve found out by now, if you’ve figured out what your power is.”
“I don’t think I…”
Well, kind of guessed that I figured it out right at his moment. Nighty-night!
“What the heck just happened?” I asked. That was weird.
“As I was saying,” he continued. “Your power comes with a price, along with all of the other “Contractors” that made a deal with the gate. Yours seems to be immense sleep. Yet, unlike others that have this kind of payment, your power is so great that you will have to stay unconscious for more and more time until you eventually are thrust into a never ending coma.
I shuddered, wow! That's great...
"So,oops I forgot, my name's Komui Lee. So, your first mission," explained Komui, "is to hunt down this boy named Allen, known to most as "The Masked Reaper." He's usually seen wearing a black and white jacket with a hood. He may be a Contractor, but we're not sure. Go in prepared, he's known to have an eye that can see inside your soul, meaning he can easily see your weaknesses. He also can transform his hand into various weapons such as a giant gun, a pillar of light that can cut through anything, a claw, and a sword."
"Sure! Why not," I exclaimed.


I went out and started as soon as I had gotten my chance. I has equipped myself with various ninja weapons: shiruken, katana, sharingaun, kusarigama, and a couple others. Luckily, they were hidden in my cloak so I could walk in and out of places easily. I remembered that I had to meet up with my friend, Yin, at the local "Otaku Arcade.” We where there playing the arcade version of DanceDanceWars OTAKUPower for an hour or two, when I suddenly felt as if somebody was peering into me. Then I remembered Komui's warning:

He's known to have an eye that can see inside your soul...

I heard an odd sound that sounded like a weapon from a D. Gray Man being prepared to fire. The gun... he can transform his hand into a gun! "DOWN!," I screamed. I pushed Yin down and saw the large bullets sticking out of the wall in front of me.
"Go home now," I told Yin. "It's far too dangerous for you here!"
"But I can help."
"No you can't! Please Yin," I pleaded, "Just go home, for me?"
Then she finally escaped through the back door of the arcade and left. I could have recalled that I was the one looking for him. I dodge rolled out of the way and the bullets just barely missed me.
"So," he said in an oddly calm and kind of cute voice. "I hear your the new kid. Well there are some rules around here, and you need to follow them. I'm not a Contractor, my job is to keep them from hurting regular people, and I see you as a threat."
This was going to be a long day. At least I found out SOME things. He wasn't a contractor, so I guess he wouldn't know my power. I examined him for a while. His left arm had a cross on it and was transformed into some kind of weapon. His left eye was odd and misshapen, and looked as if it was one of those things that you would find on hunting guns but it was red and black with an odd scar protruding from it.
I used my new power and lifted the near by "Sharp Shooter" game and thrust it towards him. He was against the wall and looked badly injured. I grabbed my kusarigama out of my cloak and decided to finish him off with it, but then he looked up at me as if he had never been even close to defeated before. He put his head down in defeat and i almost swung one of the sickles at his head when I noticed what those eyes looked like. He lifted his head up again and opened his eyes. I looked deeply into them and a picture flashed through my mind. Right at that moment, I foolishly let my guard down.
"Innocence Activate," he screamed. "Crown Clown!"
Right then, his arm came toward me and I soon found myself slammed against a wall. My vision was blurred. Everything was spinning. All I could see was him walking towards me. I put my hand to my side and held it up to my face, and I could see that it was bleeding badly.
"Sorry, but I don’t like fighting girls," he winked and then suddenly vanished. I suddenly felt sleepy, but not the kind I did when I had to complete my Payment, it felt like it was because of the loss of blood. I saw a medical team heading towards me and then I passed out.


I woke up in a hospital bed and saw Komui sitting in a chair next to me.
"NANI DES!" That was odd, I never expected him to be here.
"SO, your first failed mission. It's okay though. I think that we expected to much of you."
"It; not that!" I jumped and sat up.
"Wait, your badly injured. I noticed that your payment wasn't need. Did you even use your power?"
"Yes I did! I used it to chuck an arcade game at him and I got inside his head! Plus anyway, I would have beaten that punk to a pulp, I just got... um... distracted."
There was an odd silence and then he said, "Well, if your that eager to get moving then I'll assign you a new mission." Komui handed me an odd little booklet with the Order's crest on it. "That's your mission briefing."
I opened it to find a small map and some pictures of what seemed to be a twelve year old girl, she was even younger than me. It was an odd picture, she seemed to be with some family members and was eating some kind of lollipop.
"Oh, don’t be fooled, this girl is armed and dangerous. Go to the next page," instructed Komui. I did as he instructed and saw a picture of a girl that looked just like her, except this girl had dozens of sharp candles surrounding her and had strange little crosses on her forehead.
"Is this a sister of hers," I asked.
"No," Komui replied." That's her. We’re positive that she's not a Contractor, but she's just, maybe even more, as dangerous as one. She's known as "The Lighted Darkness." Her victims are usually found with puncture wounds and oddly shaped pointed candles surrounding them."
"Ok," I said. Komui left the room and I sat up and began to put my cloak on when I noticed something on it. It was a note, and it was in Komui's handwriting:

Be careful in this one, I've given you a couple new things this time just in case. Remember not to go too crazy using your power, you might pass out in the middle of it and find out that you're never going to wake up again.

Okay Komui. A little dramatic but, whatever. I looked in my coat pockets and the only new items were an energy drink and a pack of Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Seriously? At least Teriyaki is my favorite
I headed out and decided to go down into a dark alleyway. I soon discovered that she wasn't all too far.
"So," i heard a childish voice say to me. "You want to play a game with me? Okay then, my move."
Suddenly, I saw a dozen or so candles whiz past my face. That's her, I thought. "Sure, I'll play a game with you," I replied. "How 'bout the loser has to give up their life?" That's when I drew my katana and went at her. I felt something graze my face and then stopped for a second. HOLY CRUD MONKEYS! This girl was tough for her age. I drew my many shiruken and started throwing them at her, pinning the little brat to the wall.
"Your out of control, “I said. "Didn't your parents teach you better?" I aimed my katana for her face but just then, i felt dizzy, I didn’t have any injuries except for the one, and that one wasn't even bleeding. Oh no, I thought, my payment, but I haven't even used my power today. Then I remembered from yesterday. Obviously, it can have a delayed effect. I stumbled backwards. Just then I felt something pierce my arms, legs, and torso. The candles, great. This is just absolutely perfect. Now I'm pinned up against a wall and can't really seem to move. Is that an even larger candle aiming toward my face? Yup, yup it is. I waited for a slow painful death. I saw it come toward my face and closed my eyes. This is it. Then suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of my closed eyes.
"You shouldn't be rough-housing," it was "The Masked Reaper." "You could get put in the corner."
Then, all of sudden, he screamed the same thing he had before. Now, standing there in front of me, was a enchantingly beautiful boy. He transformed his arm into a sword and fought with the girl for awhile. Finally, the girl ran off and disappeared into a mist.
"That's normal," he said. "She probably just returned to her order." He was kindly and gently unpinning me form the wall.
I looked deep into his eyes. "Allen," I said with all the willpower I had left. "Allen... Walker..."
I saw his eyes go big and him mouth something, but that's it.

I woke up with my arms and legs tied to something. I was standing up against I wall of some sort.
"Stop it, why were you hunting me down?"
"Komui, and my order told me to. they said that you were dangerous. I just followed their orders, nothing more. Yet, I do recall you attacking me." As I said that last sentence, i remember my usual attitude come back in my expression and in my voice.
"Well... Well..." Then another man entered the room and whispered something in his ear. "Well, I did, I was just told that there was a new Contractor with a dangerous new ability, but I don't think it was you. There was two new Contractors on the day you made your contract; there was you and someone else. I had accidentally thought it was you by the contents of your soul."
"Yeah, I have had a lot of bad memories, that's why I became a Contractor and joined the order."
I looked at him. That gorgeous smile of his was gone. He was dead serious.
"Why did you attack that little girl then?"
"She was dangerous! She tried to kill me! She's killed dozens! you expect me not to bring her to justice? NANI... NANI... NANI?" I was crying I felt the tears run down my face. I have to do something to get out of here, I thought. If I don't he may just end me, here and now.

Senen ko wa sagashiteru
Daiji na hato sagashiteru
Anata wa atari tashikameyo

"How do you know that song," questioned Allen.
"I knew that girl that attacked me," I replied. "She once taught me a song."

Hikari tozasu BARROKU
Utsukushiki noizu to nare
Kuroi wana no sasayaki
Yurikago de eien ni nemure

I continued to sing as hard as I possibly could.

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reues
Huic ergo parce deus
Pie Jesu, Domine

Then remembering what my life was like and my true self, I started to sing a different song.

Ikiterukagiri ishikoro darakedemo
Ookinakoede ganbare! Ganbare! (Ganbare!)
Tomarukotonai uchirano jinsei
Dakara owaranai utawo utaou

Wagamichiwo tsukisusume
Detaramena KYARAdemoii
Rokudenashidemo aishiterunda
My Darling!

Bakayaro! Honto no jibun
Iitaikoto itteyare
Hamidashitekundayo chikazuitekundayo yumeni

Konoyaro! Honto no jibun
Detekoiyo kakuretenaide

As long as I exist, even when I’m a pile of dust,
I’ll keep cheering “you can do it, you can do it” out loud!
I’ll never stop as long as I live,
So I’ll sing my never-ending song

I’ll press forward down my path
Even random characters have their merits
You might be worthless, but I’ll still love you,

YOU IDIOT! My true self…
Just say what’s on your mind
You’re sticking out a little, You’re coming closer to my dream

YOU JERK! My true self…
Please come out, don’t hide

To this day, I'm not exactly sure what happened. All that I know is that i was crying and I passes out, but before I did, about a thousand pictures of Yin flashed through my head.


I woke up at main headquarters, with a man I didn’t know standing in front of me. For some reason, I couldn’t move my arms or legs. Great, I'm tied up again.

"So I heard you failed a mission again."
"Where's Komui," I asked.
"Be quiet." All of a sudden I felt my head jerk up, as if being pulled up by some mysterious force. He must be a Contractor, too, I thought.
"Now I want to focus all of your power and use as much of it up that you can without passing out or else your boyfriend over here gets it!"
He showed what looked like Allen in a chamber of some kind rapidly filling with water. I focused all of the power I could on the tank. I noticed that if I sang, then my powers worked better.

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua resurget ex favilla
Judicandus homo reus
Huic ergo parce deus
Pie Jesu, Domine

That was dumb of me. Now that I really focused, I could tell that it was just a hologram... great.
"Now, I want to see you fighting for your life out there." Then I was released and dropped through the floor. Standing in front of me was Yin.
"Yup, she's a Contractor, too. That's who Allen was looking for. Her powers took over her whole mind and she has no idea in this entire world who you are!"
"YIN! Listen to me! It's me, Rima! Rima Toya! your best friend!"
Then, Komui appeared, or at least I think he did, I heard his voice at least. "Stop it," he screamed. "She's just a kid!"
Yin went at me. I couldn’t fight back and I didn't want to. She knocked me to the floor and had her katana aiming straight at my chest. I closed my eyes and made one last prayer. Just then, Allen appeared out of no where. He used his arm to slam Yin across the wall and knock her out. I say it in his eyes that he was happy to see me alive.
"Allen! I love you! I'm that one girl, Rima Toya, from back at the Air force Base! I've liked you since secon..."
"That's enough," he said in that wonderful voice of his. He put his finger over my mouth like a mother would silence a child. I didn't mind though. "Let's go tel Komui you're safe."


After all my wounds were bandaged, Komui came over to me. "Guess what? You no longer have a payment!"
"It's truly amazing," Allen walked in smiling. I could tell that he liked me back, and that night, me and Komui joined his side to fight his enemies known as Akuma.

To be Continued... Maybe

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