Terms of Use

Freedom of Nicknames and Abuse to Nicknames

D.Gray-Man is a fansite for D.Gray-Man only. It is completely free, with no need of an account or log-in/registry page. With that being said, we expect that all viewers of our website treat our site with equal respect. This means that there should be no abuse of having no account. Please do not enter contest twice with a different nickname, post separate comments underneath a different nickname unless saying that is actually you, or et cetera. This will result in complete nickname termination of our website, meaning that all comments under your nickname will be deleted, and you will be automatically disqualified and banned from all contests.


Abuse to Other Users

If our staff finds abuse to other users throughtout this website, your comments will be deleted and you will be banned and disqualified from all contests for approximately a week or so, depending on how severely violent your comment was, and how much it abused the other user. If you are putting down another company, group, user, someone's nickname, etc., the same consequences are at stake. So please try to not offend any users. If our staff finds this, they will either try to mediate or stop the fight immediately by deleting all previous comments.


Our Team, the Generals

The D.Gray-Man fansite team has a fairly easy time updating the website, so if anyone has any requests of something to add to the website, we'd appreciate the question and will try to work on it/make it immediately. Something that the D.Gray-Man team cannot do is make games. Some of the few games we have on our website were either built by us or are widgets. To make games, you have to pay for them, and due to D.Gray-Man's terrible budget (we're... well, we're literally broke) we can't make games. On another page, the D.Gray-Man staff so far consists of the General(s): Syler Dyme. If he/she catches another user with a nickname under their own, they will take away all comments under their name that isn't theirs.



D.Gray-Man supports FanFic in all ways possible! We are huge encouragers of FanFiction, and we enjoy writing it in our spare time. FanFiction can be posted freely underneath any of the categories on our FanFiction page. We like it whenever writers express themselves over the web and especially throughout our website. We encourage all people to "R&R" (read and review) most people's FanFiction, and to write some themselves, because it's an extremely fun hobby and something to do in your freetime.



Occassionally, contests will be held throughout our D.Gray-Man fansite. Syler Dyme will usually host these contests, and whenever she does, keep your eyes peeled. Contests do not ask for personal information, and are in no way related to your real-life self. Some of our constant contests are designing the month's featured D.Gray-Man wallpaper, the best D.Gray-Man photoshop image, and several other contests involving art being expressed through our website. If you're not an artsy fan, then we've also got FanFiction writing contests that are held monthly. We also have our annual D.Gray-Man awards, which, in a way, is sort of like the Grammies for FanFiction and fandoms (fan photos of D.Gray-Man). There are also cosplay contest, so make sure to get creative!


Comments, Reviews, and other User-Submitted Items Containing Names

Sadly, we have to make a tab for this. Those that are wishing to comment and write another website's name inside the comment, another project, association, company, author, or anything else of that sort, will have to have their comment immediately deleted. Due to copyright laws, we can't risk getting sued with our budget right now (again, broke). If you realized this error, or if the item you are listing gave you an okay to post their name to our website, please contact us via email (lordmillennium@yahoo.com) or tell us over the website. If the object is owned by you (i.e.; D.Gray-Man fansite is owned by Syler Dyme, so she's able to list it all she wants in the rules), please do the same thing and contact us via email or via the D.Gray-Man website.



Who/What are the Generals?

The Generals are the moderators of our website. If we catch you doing something bad, we'll send Kanda out to slice you with his Mugen!

What's up with the game the Heart?

The Heart is an ongoing game our staff has decided to make. The object of the game is to become the highest-leveled user on our website. For every fifteen comments you write (no spam), you level up (by writing comments, it's considered slaying Akuma). Right now, if you're reading this page it most likely means that you are still at Level 1 (the Generals keep tabs on where you're at). Your user on this website is an Exorcist, and you can either choose to have a Parasitic type, Crystal type, or Equip type anti-Akuma weapon. The highest-leveled user has the Heart!

Who has the Heart Innocence right now?

At the moment, Syler Dyme does. We change the name every time we realize someone else is higher than said person.

Why is DGM Day April 7th?

The D.Gray-Man fansite has decided to make April 7th the official D.Gray-Man day. This is because the first two capitalized letters of D.Gray-Man's name are the fourth and seventh letter of the alphabet, thus being April 7th. It's not that hard to make an official fan day for most animes.


If you have anymore questions, comments, or concerns, please comment. If we do not reply as fast as you'd like, you can always contact us via email or over the website if you don't feel comfortable with exposing your email to Sylver Dyme.