The Heart

The Heart is one of the fragments from the God's Crystal, called "Innocence." On our D.Gray-Man fansite, the Heart is something the highest-ranked user is allowed. Each user that comes onto our site automatically becomes part of the ongoing game of the Heart. By commenting (this is considered fighting Akuma), you end up leveling up. For every fifteen Akuma you fight, you level up. If you're reading this, you're probably still a Level 1 Exorcist. The object of the game the Heart is to become the highest-ranked user on our website.


The current beholder of the Heart is updated daily, and is posted to the homepage of our website. The Generals keep tabs on all of the users that come onto our website throughout comments, and this allows them to know who has the Heart. Please no spam!! If there is spamming, the person that has been spamming will have all comments deleted from our website and be clocked back down to a Level 1 Exorcist. All Generals are already a Level 5 Exorcists, so if you would like to become a General, please contact Sylver Dyme through the page called "Feedback." The maximum amount of Generals is 6, so remember that most will have to be turned down.


There is a level between General and Exorcist, which is called Point Breaker. Yes... we know that Generals are Point Breakers in the real D.Gray-Man, but we wanted to make a special level! If you come onto our site constantly, the Generals will make you a Point Breaker! You can then use the title in your posts and comments to let other users know. If you become inactive (this counts for Generals and Point Breakers) you will be clocked down to the level Exorcist you were before we changed your ranking.


Our users are posted on another page, called "Users." Beside their name, you can see what level, ranking, et cetera, that they are. Point Breakers and new users are posted to our homepage. Be sure to check back often... we may make you a Point Breaker (you'll be notified if this does happen, as well)!